Coca Cola Arena and John legend there for you

Now that John Legend will play Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena this January you need to have a perfect time there. Let us have a closer look at the person.

Unwilling to pursue an office ant career, John decides to focus on music. In the period 2000-2001, he writes a lot and travels a lot. Speaking in support of Musiq and Floetry during their tour of the United States, John gains experience of live performances and learns to understand with the public. During this time, he recorded his first solo album “John Stephens” and the concert collection “Live At Jimmy’s Uptown”. Both records were released on independent labels and did not receive proper support from the disinterested owners of these studios. Now they can be purchased only by special order on the official website of the contractor. At the john legend concert you will hear this legend now.

What he Says About His Time

A powerful impetus for the development of John Legend’s career was a meeting with Keny West. “At that time, I often performed and recorded demo material for the next album,” recalls John. “In college, I lived in the same room as Devo Harris, aka Devo Springstein, a cousin of Keny. It was the end of 2001 and West he was just starting his career as a producer. But he hadn’t performed yet. He came to see my performance in Harlem and a few months later invited me to record his debut album.

After that he offered me his help in recording my own debut – some tracks for “Get Lifted” we recorded together. But until universal the knowledge was still far away: before that I had time to work with Jay-Z, Alisha Keys (Alicia Keys), Dilated Peoples, Black Eyed Peas and Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson). And then Keny became a superstar and started a complete madness on television, my name began to appear on album covers. In general, my life has changed a lot since meeting Keny.” The john legend show will discover the best coming in your way now.

The Album Releases

“Get Lifted” was released in late 2004, on the musician’s birthday, revealing to the world the independent and immeasurably talented John Legend. The classic combination of piano passages with soulful deep vocals and romantic lyrics instantly found its listener – the album from the start took third place in the national hit parade and became platinum in the first few months of sales. The single “The Ordinary People”, released for a long time, sat in the rotation of most radio stations in the world. In addition to Keny West, Snoop Dogg and the whole family of John Legend appeared on the record. “In one of the songs, all my relatives sing along to me. I specially invited them to record “I Don’t Have To Change.” And they gladly responded to my offer,” the musician says. “Almost everyone came: my parents, brothers and “sisters, uncles and aunts, even grandmother. I would like to do a free concert in my native Springfield, and where we would sing the whole family in chorus.” Now the john legend tickets are waiting for you. Go for the best show available.

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