Your Valentine’s Day Electronics Gift Guide

We don’t teach you anything, the Christmas period is good for shopping. A safe bet? Gift vouchers. They prove to be a tremendous lever in marketing strategy and a loyalty tool. Here are six ideas to boost your sales in a hair salon, beauty salon and spa. You can now go for the gift for your loved one at the valentine’s day.

The Options

Quite recent, gift vouchers have quickly become essential and remain, according to an Opinion way study, the 2nd most desired gift by consumers after money. Simple and practical, they are the ideal solution for lazy people and unimaginative minds. This is a good way to please your loved ones without risking making a mistake on the choice of gift. And the occasions to offer these gift cards are numerous: birth of a child, mother’s day, birthday. From the gifts for her this is important.

Christmas celebrations prevail, hands down, with 40% of annual sales made over the period of December. A real boost in turnover, gift vouchers offer a trendy image of your business. Add that selling gift vouchers allows you to increase your additional sales. Indeed, when purchasing the check, it is not uncommon for the customer to book an appointment for himself, buy a treatment or a product. In addition, once in the hands of the recipient, the gift voucher continues to be a lucrative tool. Did you know that more than 50% of customers spend more than 30% of the amount of the gift voucher. It is also a good way to promote your institute or salon to other people. And, thus enlarge your clientele. For the gifts for him also you can get the best deal.

Bet on your website to sell your gift vouchers

A “best seller” for the end of year celebrations, the gift voucher is a real market to cover. Remember to occupy the field by proposing a real strategy so that the vouchers that you will offer are the most attractive and attractive than those of the competition. Communicate as soon as the gift vouchers arrive. By placing these gifts in several places, you will attract the attention of customers who are used to visiting you. On your website, take care to highlight your gift vouchers so that customers can buy and offer them.

Ideally, display them in a slideshow from the home page of your website or in the “gifts” category. All the customers whose contacts you have in your customer file can be the subject of a targeted and personalized sms marketing campaign as offered by the Flexy software to indicate to them that the good gifts are to be discovered on your site or in shop (hope you are up to date on the GDPR ). This attention guarantees success. You will communicate about your operation while showing that you are close to each of them. It takes the time to write to them shows that you value their loyalty. Personal messages are known to have more impact. Each customer who receives your invitation to discover the new gift vouchers will be affected. And why not, as Christmas approaches, launch a more targeted SMS campaign. Finer results are there with the gifting ideas now.

Pool with social networks to communicate

The more you communicate, the more you attract customers and boost the sale of your gift vouchers. Relay as much information as possible on all your social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

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