Is Free Google Play Gift Cards Really Free?

Using a free Google Play gift card is often considered an easy way to acquire cash back. This was the case when I was looking to purchase some gift cards for my family and friends, but there were many questions I had that were not answered by the various sites I researched. Learn more about

There are many different websites that are stating that they are offering free gift cards, but at a later date they require you to purchase a membership. Once you pay the fee, then it is easier to get your free gift card, but are these really free?

Not free. When a site states that a gift card is free, they are not really saying that there is no charge, but rather the site claims that they will send the card on a “trial basis” for a price of $14.99. Once you are on the website, you are required to complete a sales request or receive an alert for future sales.

To sign up for a site, just log into your Gmail account and follow the directions provided. As long as you answer all the questions truthfully, you will get the gift card in about two weeks. Some sites will also require that you answer your credit card company for a charge-back protection and this is very necessary if you do not want to have a credit card that you can use for free to purchase items for your family or friends.

Some sites will actually ask for you to fill out a form where you put your name, address, and zip code in order to determine if you are eligible for a real gift card. This may seem unnecessary, but it does help them to provide a certain level of security to their consumers.

My last question was how can I obtain free gift cards for free, but in actuality I found that they are hard to find. Most websites that state that they are offering free Google Play gift cards require you to purchase a membership fee or have a credit card information.

In other words, they are trying to gather a database of people that are having trouble paying their bills and the need for such a service to help others. And in order to pay their members, they are actually earning income from your purchases.

Instead of relying on one or two websites, I suggest using a paid service to help you find the best places to get your free gift cards. They also offer great incentives to use their service.

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